“A group is a set of people who have the same interests or aims, and who organize themselves to work or act together.”

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Building Successful Businesses Since 2015

With a combined experience of over 80 years across multiple industries, the senior team within The Clyde & Tay Group and her subsidiaries, are in a unique position to help drive our client’s businesses to new levels and develop new and invovative businesses within the group.

Everything we do is based on our three pillars: 


The activity or business of giving expert advice about a particular subject


To give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed


The action of one that leads; guidance; direction; leadership

Making An Impact For All Of Our Clients

All parts of The Clyde & Tay Group have one important thing in common… They have our client’s success at the core of our work.

We utilise our unique set of skills to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on our client’s business, whether that be increasing sales, supporting cultural change or building their brand.

Utilising our three pillars, we build long term and impactful relationships with all stakeholders and treat your business as if it were our own.

Our Group

The Clyde & Tay Group is constantly growing, adding new products and services that enhance our offering to both existing and new clients.


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Performance Excellence

Generating business is one, very important, part of what The Clyde & Tay Group offers our clients.

In order to service the new business that our clients see from engaging with our Group of companies, it is important to ensure the correct processes and internal efficiencies are in place to maximise profitability while offering the highest standards of service. 

To support our client’s in this area we offer:

  • Lean Six Sigma training and support
  • Cultural/behavioural change management
  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM)

Along with our tender support offering within PWK Sales & Marketing, this provides a unique suit of services to fully support your business development.

Join the C&T Startup Hub

The C&T Hub is an exciting offering from The Clyde & Tay Group which supports startups and small businesses in a practical way.

With our office in the centre of Aberdeen, and a further office in Dundee on the horizon, we are engaging with promising companies who will benefit from working within the group.

Benefits include:

  • Office/desk space
  • Management and accounting support
  • Sales/business development team
  • Initial website, social media and SEO
  • Marketing and branding Digital marketing support
  • Potential IT and infrastructure Much much more

The Team

Our senior management team brings decades of experience across a variety of sectors and is supported by subject experts who can deliver what our clients require and more.

Paul Caruana

Paul Caruana


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William Blake


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